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Just went through fresh intsall using Hyper-V, no issues there, but after network/root pw/etc configurations, i'm faced with cli only. I thought that the LAMP stack had a GUI. Did I miss something during install? 


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Now that I figured out what I was doing!

Thanks for the video that explained how to interact with the headless LAMP.


My virtual network (Hyper-V) specs: 

Physical Machine: ASUS G750JZ-XS w/ Windows 8.1 Pro

Hyper-VM 1: Windows Server 2012 w/ AD DS, DHCP, DNS

Hyper-VM 2: TurnkeyLinux LAMP stack

Hyper-VM 3: Windows 8 logging into the PHPMyAdmin hosted on LAMP




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You're welcome. Coming from Windows the whole headless thing can be a bit confusing...

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