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I looked at the Dutch mirror and all four German mirrors. It seems they were all updated last in november, so they are missing the LXC-appliance. I haven't checked any more, but if five of them are missing something...

Downloading from sourceforge worked fine though. Trying it out now.



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Sourceforge broke our mirror master so the mirrors are out of date. I need to finish setting up an alternative master and then reach out to the mirror admins to have them use that instead of sourceforge.

Sorry about that. In the meantime, downloading images directly from Sourceforge still works - which I guess was the point.

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I setup a new master mirror that has all ISOs (and a copy of the archive, and metadata, etc.). The LXC appliance and Observium can be downloaded normally now. Also, there's no delay when you download which is good.

Now I need to reach out to all the mirrors and get them to sync from the master mirror instead of from the broken Sourceforge master.

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