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hi every one

i'm installed a tkldev and configure my requepment on that,

now i want to create an iso from my machine to install on another server's

and i dont know what should i do , 

can you help me ?

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So after you have run 'make' (and it successfully completes) then it should be in the build directory. It should be called 'product.iso'.

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i dont run "make"

i don know how to create ISO from my machine ,

can you tel me step by step ?

is there any link on internet , i had search but i found nothing !


please help me, i want to create an iso from my machine and i dont know how should i do

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Have a look here:

IMO they are pretty comprehensive and relatively straight forward. But please post back if there is anything you don't get or that needs clarification. We want to make TKLDev as easy to use as possible...

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