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Hi guys,

I send those question through feedback system, but I think they might be relevant for everybody

I think your documentation of TurnKey HUB is lacking, I can't find answers for the following questions:

1. What is the difference between regular EC2 instance running Turnkey image and Turnkey Instance created through Hub interface?
2. I clicked on "Launch any Turnkey appliance" and launched Redmine server without completing "Enable TurnKey on EC2". Everything running perfectly - what am I missing?
3. Are Hub instances upgraded automatically when new version of Turnkey Server is available? Are Linux updates applied automatically?
4. Do you provide fully managed cloud solution, or I still need to pay IT for managing Hub instances? (E.g. for the Redmine server I created, I still needed to spend few hours with tutorials to configure redmine to send emails through Office 365 SMTP). I mean situations, when GUI/Web interfaces are not providing sufficient configuration options)
5. If managed servers are not provided, what am I paying for when paying extra on top of EC2 pricing?

Many thanks,

Meir Tseitlin

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Good thinking! :)

1. Essentially there is no fundamental difference between the instances themselves once they are running. Technically they come from different AMIs but they are made from the same source so should be the same (when new images are released they are available instantly via the Hub though). The Hub interface is far more simple and user friendly though than the Amazon Control Panel (IMO anyway...)

2. Not sure... I would have expected that it would have failed unless you have your Hub account linked to a Amazon account. Within your Hub interface can you see your server running?

3. Servers are not auto-upgraded. However, TurnKey does have auto security updates enabled, which auto install nightly.

4. TurnKey Hub servers are unmanaged. The idea of TurnKey is that they lower the bar for non-IT types who want to DIY their IT and/or provide a better starting point (compared to building from scratch) for IT pros so they can save time and money. It depends on how you want to do things, you could pay someone to manage it or you could hire someone by the hour (or contract) to do specific things...

5. You are paying for the warm fuzzy glow you get when you support a free open source software project like TurnKey! :) But seriously you are paying for the simplified interface that is the Hub, you are paying to be able to manage all your servers, all over the world on one simple page, you are paying for immediate access to new release images on AWS, you are paying for a nice interface to manage your TKLBAM backups and probably some other stuff that hasn't jumped into my head just now...

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