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I installed the OrangeHRM instance, I played with that, I installed some extra modules and everything worked great!!!

But I stopped the instance to avoid extra charges, and now, when I restarted the instance, and tried to login in orange I get this error: HTTP Status 404 - /symfony/web/index.php/auth/login

check the attached file 

and when I try to go to the homepage, I geta blank page that says "Hello World"

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TBH I haven't played with OrangeHRM much but I still wouldn't expect it to do that... I am assuming that you are running this on the TurnKey Hub? Are you using the public IP or did you use HubDNS to associate a domain name?

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I launched OrangeHRM instance on the Hub, rebooted the instance and it came back just fine. Are you managing to repeatably reproduce this bug yourself?

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