This is a fairly minor problem in the grand scheme of things, but it caused me over three hours of grief tonight, so I'm going to post a question to see if the problem is universal, or unique to me.

Today I installed Turnkey's MediaWiki ISO for the first time in order to evaluate it for possible use at work.  The installation experience was actually very good and I had the Wiki up and running in short order.

The problem came when I tried to update the logo image.  Through some web searches, I found that I needed to upload the new image file to the /var/lib/mediawiki/images directory and (if the file name changed) modify the /etc/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php file to point to it.  I used the Webmin File Manager tool to upload the new image file.  No real problems there, except...

Having never used the Webmin File Manager Upload screen before, I thought that the layout, while terse, was normal.  There was one line which had a Yes/No selector, and without really knowing why, I selected Yes.  When I reloaded the MediaWiki home page, the image never would show up and after several hours of trying, I ended up writing out a long forum question to post.  I was almost ready to send it out when I decided to try selecting 'No' on that line and realized that fixed the problem. When I searched to figure out what the 'Yes' / 'No' selector meant, I realized that I was not seeing the entire window.

Here's what I see when I click on Upload:

Based on another website (not related to Turnkey MediaWiki), here's what I should be seeing:

I now see that by clicking Yes, I was saying to 'Convert Windows newlines', which of course would corrupt an image file.  The problem was that I wasn't seeing this text, and therefore didn't know what I was instructing it to do.

I tried this on both Firefox 31.0 and on IE 9, both on a Win7-x64 laptop, with the same results.  I'm using Java Platform SE7-U65 for Windows x64.

Is this a bug in the Webmin code?  in the Java code?  Is there something wrong with my laptop config?  I suspect a bug, but am willing to be educated if I'm to fault.





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