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We are using the latest Turnkey Wordpress and our issue is we are only able to have one active gateway value in a two NIC configuration in our VM environment.  Through the configuration console, we’re able to place a gateway IP for each NIC, but only the last one we enter is the active one.  In other words, the web content can only be accessible through one NIC.  We would like the content to be available from both NICs, and we’d like the management of the host and related services from the internal NIC.

The purpose for our two NIC configuration is to support the proper placement of our Web services in our DMZ.

How can each NIC can be properly configured with the appropriate gateway values?

Thank you.

Lucky Saini

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We've tried running turnkey-wordpress-12.1-squeeze-amd64-vmdk and the issue of the setting up a dual nic with internal and external gateway values was not there.

I've seen this thread that also addresses this problem.

Anyone have any insight why?




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