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Hi there,

I am looking into running a moodle site which will support 2 million users - most of the time using it  con-currently. Please advise on the pros/cons  also the hardware needed. I would appreciate a hosted service - where can I get such a hosting service?





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This is the forums of TurnKey Linux. We build and provide software appliances - i.e. a self contained operating system with a specific software installed (plus its dependencies).

We do provide a Moodle appliance which would probably provide for your desired needs. You could have it hosted on Amazon via the TurnKey Hub but you would need to ensure that you used an adequate sized instance (which will probably rewquire some testing and trial and error). You may also need to do some additional tuning yourself.

If that's not quite what you're after then I suggest that you post your question on the Moodle forums and/or do a bit of googling.

Good luck

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