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I'm VERY new to Turnkey and still fairly wet-behind-the-ears with AWS, which is probably why I can't find an answer by searching here on the forum for what I assume is a common question.

I discovered and deployed the Turnkey MYSQL appliance from the AWS marketplace into my existing EC2 VPC, proceeded to configure everything and got it running.  THEN I discovered the Turnkey hub, liked it and set up an account,  added my EC2 keys and set up S3.  I've successfully tested backup via TKBLAM of the aforementioned MYSQL server and can see and manage those on the backups dashboard on the hub.  When I go to the servers dashboard however, it simply says "89% Complete" and "Next step, Launch any turnkey appliance".

So the question is, why doesn't it see the appliance I've already deployed, and where is the option to register said appliance?  Do I actually have to delete it and redeploy to get the hub to see it?


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My understanding is that AWS MP launched instances should show up in your Hub account (but not the other way around)... So I'm not sure why your instance is not showing up in the Hub (unless I got that the wrong way around?). We'd need to speak with Alon (the Hub 'daddy') about that some more to see what is going on...

Unfortunately he is deep in dev mode (offline) so we'll have to wait. In the meantime one way that you could migrate your data into a Hub instance would be to do a TKLBAM backup and restore it to a new server (launched within the Hub).

That would also give you an opportunity to test TKLABM out and double check that your backups are working 100%...

Sorry probably not ideal, but the best I can come up with ATM.

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Thanks for the quick response Jeremy.  I hadn't gotten very far with my deployment, so I started over from scratch and deployed an entirely new vm from the Hub.  I had signed up for a pay-as-you-go Turnkey account, and I noticed that this did not allow EBS storage.  My invisible AWS marketplace instance had EBS storage, so I suspect that it wasn't eligible on pay-as-you-go.  I upgraded my hub account to the next level, and the sensible thing to do would have been to keep the original invisible AWS instance, but I cheaped-out and deleted it before deploying the new one.

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