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Trying to run anything that accesses an external site DNS returns localhost.  Not even "can't locate" error... I can deal with that... no, for example, if you try to ping google... it returns the google domain as localhost.

Ping google, it pings localhost instead.

Traceroute for anything returns one step... localhost... and exits.

trying to do anything that requires pulling anything from an external site... python, wget, etc... fails because it can't find it on localhost.

This is really aggrevating me because I've never had a computer do this before.  At first I thought it was an error in my DNS servers so I changed the nameservers to point to Google's servers instead... nope, didn't fix it.  What is going on?  I don't even know where to start with this.  Its like it thinks its getting a valid DNS return of the LAN IP for everything, but I have no idea what is doing that.

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I have never hear of that before. First thing I'd check (if you haven't already) is the nameserver(s) listed in resolv.conf:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

Hopefully you have dnsutils installed already. If so you could try this too and see where your DNS queries are being answered from:

nslookup | grep Server


dig | grep SERVER

If they fail then you don't have dnsutils installed and it will be tricky to install without proper DNS resolution... It will also be very tricky to really diagnose further without more DNS tools...

Perhaps it's also worth checking that there isn't a wildcard 'localhost' entry in the hosts file (/etc/hosts).

Perhaps you could try starting confconsole and see if you can set it through that? Otherwise try manually setting to DHCP and see if you get a valid DNS that way. The Debian networking wiki page might be useful...

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