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I'm having issues adding windows hosts to observium. I keep getting "host can not be resolved"

I've done a couple things to try and get naming services running correctly between the observium host and my windows network.

I've installed likewise-open on the observium host and joined my windows domain succesfully.

I've added an (A) record to my windows DNS server(s)

I've configured the SNMP service appropriately on the host(s) that I'm trying to get into monitoring.

I can ping each respective host to and from the observium host no problem. I can ping the observium host by name from anywhere inside my windows network.

Any help would be much appreciate.

Thans ahead of time.

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Unfortunately it was a long time ago that I added (the one and only) Win (Server 2008-R2) machine to my Observium instance. I do vaguely recall having issues when I set it up but in my memory it was a Windows config issue... Although I'm not sure if that's actually true or my memory is biased, also not sure if I had the same issue as you.

FWIW I definitely didn't install likewise-open, nor did I add my Observium machine to my Windows domain (although I wouldn't imagine doing that would cause any issue). I did name my Observium machine so on face value it's naming was consistent with the domain though (i.e. observium.domain.local).

So can you can ping the machine from your Observium server by hostname and that works? Have you double checked that your Win machines have their firewall open (relevant port) and that the SNMP service is actually listening as it should be? Have you tried adding the server from the commandline? Perhaps you might get some more useful error message there...

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