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I have downloaded and am running a Jenkins and LAMP VM.  I have a job in jenkins that takes a PHP project from SVN and then do the following:

1. remove all the web site files from the lamp machine

2. copy all the files from jenkins/svn to the lamp machine


To try and do this, I setup NFS on both machines.  I then created a share on the LAMP machine of /var/www.  On the jenkins machine I mounted to that share.  When SSH with root into the jenkins I can delete/copy files and it works great.  When the job is run through jenkins, I get permission denied accessing the mount.  How do I allow jenkins read/write to the mounted share?

Is there a better way to do this?  Please keep in mind I am a beginner with linux, learning as I go.


/etc/exports on LAMP



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The fact that you can write fine as root, but not as Jenkins sounds like permissions (as it sounds you're already guessing). TBH though I'm not that familiar with NFS...

A quick bit of research turned up a ServerFault question which seems appropriate to your issues. If that still doesn't help then google should be able to help you pinpoint what you need (keep in mind that TurnKey v13.x is based on Debian Wheezy so instructions for that should apply, or probably even Ubuntu too in this instance - they're not the same but close enough...).

Sorry that I can't provide more specific advice.

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