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This morning my appliance crashed.

When I rebooted it displayed the GRUB text screen.

From LiveCD I noticed that the LV partitions were not active.

I used this procedure to activate them http://pissedoffadmins.com/os/mount-unknown-filesystem-type-lvm2_member....

Now they look good in GParted and lvscan.

But, the boot still goes to GRUB... worse part? I don't know much Linux :(

Please help!

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How were you hosting the app? Was it on real hardware or virtual? When you say "crashed" what do you mean? Give some more detail on your setup. It could be alot of things. 

I have only had one linix box die or crash and that was because of hardware failure. The hard drive failed. 

If this is a physical hardware, have you ran disk diagnostics on the drive to see if it has failed? 

Also do you use TKLBAM, TurnKey's backup ? 





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