Hi, need help.

I've got  breakdown e-commerce website based on magento on last saturday.

I made restore backup from 15.09. After restore may website turn back to the early stages to the first backup I made - 05.02.2014.

In addition I enclose printscreen of my panel I wanted my website to restore on 14-15.11

What was made wrong?

How long average restoring lasts?





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So you are trying to restore a backup from Sat, 15 Nov? But when you restore that your server goes back to a state much older? Is that what you are saying?

Personally I would test doing a restore in a new server (either create another cloud server or set up a local VM). Then it should be clearer what is actually included in your backup.

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It seems that you are using a backup that is much older than the date it suggests it is. As the poster above me said, restore the Magento site on a localhost installation with Xampp. That way you can see what data is saved.


If you are truly missing important data I suggest contacting your hosting provider to see if they have more recent backups.

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