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To understand what I do in the daily live, here is a short overview of 5 ways to improve site traffic.

We all want our website to be successful, and receive hundreds of hits daily dont we? Well, today im going to teach you 5 ways which will significally increase your traffic to your website/blog, and it will get you higher in the search engine’s aswell.  The other benefit of having more traffic to your site is to get your alexa rank lowered. This will give you a little boost in visits aswell, because alexa is in the top 10 of most visited websites over the whole internet!.

So here they are, 5 ways to improve the traffic to your website/blog!

Method 1:

Increase your site’s traffic by posting links to your articles on social bookmarking site’s like reddit and digg. Reddit is great for receiving huge ammounts of traffic, because the users decide if they like the site’s you are showing them. If you post interesting/funny articles on your website, and then you post a link to that article on reddit, you will get many vote’s which will bring you up in the reddit rankings, which will increase your traffic to your blog/website, same goes for digg.

Method 2:

Increase the traffic to your site by posting links on social media websites like twitter, facebook, and myspace. If you create a account for your website on those 3 sites, and if you manage to get some followers, it will be really easy to post a link to your website, to get some easy visitors. The other reason why this is a good way, is because these followers/friends are really interested in your website, and therefore more likely to check it out!

Method #3

Getting more traffic by posting to forums in your niche. There are thousands and thousands of forums online in all niches thinkable. Just search for a forum about your niche, and write a very nice post about it in on that forum. If you make it interesting enough people will click on the link to your website/blog, and they will be interested about it, because they are coming from the same niche. They are targetted, and way more interested in the subject!


Method #4

Creating a facebook fanpage for your website or blog! Get some backlinks to that fanpage so it will get higher in the search engines, and create a “like this” button on your website or blog to your facebook fanpage. Whenever somebody likes your facebook page, they will receive all your updates on their homepage, forever! So if you have 500 likes on your facebook page, everythime you post a message, it will go to all those 500 people! This is a great way of getting traffic because the users are already interested about your blog (they wouldnt have liked your fanpage if they were not) and now they will receive every update straight to their facebook homepage!


Method #5

Driving traffic to your blog by posting hashtags about your niche in your twitter tweets. If you for example write a post about animals you include a hashtag “#animals” This will make your tweet appear in the twitter search box, so everythime someone searches for animals, your tweet will appear on the results!


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