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I have an opentack install in production and I would like to use turnkey images as they look to be very interesting.

However my problem is that my openstack install is a private cloud installed as a service by my provider and I can't access my nodes through command lines.

Therefore I need to install through horizon.

Next problem is that when I try to decompress archives in windows (gitLab for exemple), the archive is said to be corrupted. That is also true when I decompress in linux.

I would need help to understand what the workflow could be.

Thank you in advance !


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So I'm not really sure. We originally made the OpenStack images in consultation with someone who was using them. Since then we have had some feedback from others suggesting that a disk image may be better (rather than an archived FS). But as none of us have a OpenStack to play with it's a little hard to adjust without some clear guidance from an expert.

But back to your issue at hand. Have you confirmed that the archives are indeed not corrupted? They are gpg signed and have md5/sha1 hashes so there are a few different ways to check their integrity. Otherwise they should decompress fine with tar. On Windows I have successfully used 7zip to decompress tar.gz archives previously but it requires a 2 step process (unzip first, then untar).

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Thanks for your answer.

First, I am able to decompress on Linux but not on windows... never mind. It's just an additional step as I can't ssh to my nodes.


So if someone has the knowledge and the willingness, I can provide a temporary access to my private cloud. This would allow to test and maybe fine tune the process.

It would be a huge benefit to have:

  • Etiher a detailed process to spawn instances using horizon
  • Or even better a disk image that we could setup through horizon using an url

Let me know... and long life to people behind turnkey linux and its community.

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And your encouragement! :) Whilst it is on the list, unfortunately work on the OpenStack images isn't at the top (yet) so I will need to take a raincheck on your kind offer. Thanks for your feedback though and we will keep it in mind.

Sorry that that doesn't assist with your immediate plans though... Can you just install from ISO? Perhaps that'd be a better way to go at this point? (If possible that is...)

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