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I have just installed an ejabberd server from aws, but when even i click login , i get error:

here is the site:

here is what i got when click login


can anyone help me?


thanks alot



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The first link works fine for me and I can go to both of your 'alpha' and 'beta' chats ok. The second link doesn't look valid to me (because of the sub-domain) and I'm not really sure what is going on there. Are you running this from the Hub or have you run the inithook scripts? If not then I reckon that's probably you're issue (i.e. it's not configured properly and it's just using defaults). If you just put '/accounts/login/' at the end of your url it looks ok...

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Thanks Jeremy.

I got the same results. 


I basically follow the script when install the server on AWS, I just use the AWS domain where the domain is asked, because this is still in development phase.

beause I don't have nay data yet, so I can reinstall everything from scratch, which ever works. When I use AWS, the web sell have some issue such that I can not see type feedback, I blind type, that seems be ok.

basically, I try to set up a ejabberd server up and running and develop messaging/chat app using it, with AWS or Saas platform. I expect sever part to be handled mostly by ejbberd, so I can focus on app side.


what is your suggestion? I can give you my AWS account password, if you are kind enough to take a look at what did wrong in installation.




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I stopped the aws lunched, and recreated an instance through lturnkeylinux hub. but get the same issue: works.

but click on login, I get error.

can anyone help me out here?





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Also, what is the webadmin console? does not work neither.


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I'm not sure why it is adding the 'chat' subdomain on the front... That appears to be the issue. If you manually remove that (i.e. it appears to work (although obviously without a password I didn't try to login).

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Thanks Jeremy. I fixed this problem fowwlowing the instuction on app:


by removing "chat" 


but I still have issues:

1: admin account for ejabberd, usually at port 5280/admin does not work for this installation.

2: Join (when click login then "don't have a count") does not work neither, complain about misisng char in username.

do you know what is going on here?



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problem 2 solved. still does not have admin console, any ideal?  thanks

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still, create user does not work. any one get this server to work?

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Sorry that I haven't been back sooner.

Firstly, great work on finding where the chat sub-domain was coming from. I have lodged a bug on the TKL issue tracker for that one (see here). We'll get that fixed for the next release.

As for the eJabberd admin console it looks like it was just being blocked by the default AWS security settings (wasn't added as a default open port by the TKL appliance). I just opened the port (via the 'Firewall Rules' link on the Hub Servers page - click on the relevant server, click on the link next to 'Firewall Rules'). I have added this as a bug too (See here). We'll get that fixed too!

Thanks again for posting and feedback, sorry the response(s) hasn't been quicker or more helpful...

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