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I had thought that when I went to the "Bronze Plan" it would have closed out the "Pay per Use Plan".  It seems I was being billed for both.  I am really not using any Servers on Amazon.  Was about to try one again but got flummoxed with the $86 per month cost for a Medium server.

I just cancelled the "pay as you go" plan.  Hope that does not break everything else but we will see.  Bronze is still signed up for.

Interesting Amazon said "Pay as you Go on EBS" while the Plan outlines "Pay as you Go" being S3 backed.  Never quite got that part except that EBS will store snapshots and charge you for some storage.  Not sure if S3 does.  I do know I could turn EBS volumes off.  S3 volumes and images had to be restarted or lost.  (salvage via TKLBAM)

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Haven't seen you about for a while mate! :)

Sorry to hear about your shock re the 2 plans... FWIW the Pay-per-use plan is independent of the other plans. And I'm fairly sure that the Pay-per-use is S3 backed only (the others are EBS backed). Cancelling that plan shouldn't effect anything (other than the Pay-per-use plan that is...).

The rationale behind allowing the 2 plans to run concurrently is that the other plans are essentially upgrades of the plan below them, whereas the Pay-per-use plan offers something different. With it you can launch any size S3 backed servers (the other plans are size limited and support EBS backed servers). Personally I prefer the EBS backed servers to S3 backed (for the reasons you stated) but some users like them...

Out of interest, how long have you had the 2 plans running?

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Been super busy.  Sold primary business.  Needing to see where I am going to land.

To answer, I think I had both plans running since ??  Likely July but perhaps earlier.  I cancelled the Pay Per Use plan.  I am not really using either plan but should try again.  Every time I try to move my Magento system the Web Server is aiming one folder higher, so I end up sticking w/ my installed server.

But hey, lets give it all a spin again.  Thanks for your prompt response and sorry for my late follow up.

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If you'd like to put in for a refund (via Amazon) for what you think is a fair thing - regading the time the 2 accounts have been enabled (and you haven't been using the Pay-per-use) then please email me (jeremy at turnkeylinux.org) and we can discuss the details.

You've been a good community member and have contributed back to TurnKey in ways other than financial. Also while TurnKey needs to make enough money to be sustainable, it has always aimed to do that by being legitimately helpful and useful; not by confusing people to pay more than they need...!

FWIW the process to launch an Amazon refund is to open a case with their support system: https://aws.amazon.com/support/createCase TurnKey will then approve the refund. But like I say, email me first to discuss if you don't mind (then the approval process can just be a formality which can happen really quickly).

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