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I discovered another WebMin issue while trying to roll back some config changes using etckeeper.  Webmin is not a well behaved app IMHO, keeping logs and status information in /etc.  The TurnKey devs have already dealt with the history logs by moving them to /var/log/webmin and adding a .gitignore in /etc/webmin/system-status/.

The problem I found is that WebMin is also writing status information to a hashed file, /etc/webmin/system-status/info.  This file changes on a daily if not hourly basis when WebMin is running.  Etckeeper unnecessarily stores a copy of this file everyday, wasting diskspace.

The file /etc/etckeeper/update-ignore.d/02-webmin-system-status-history
should be changed from


mkdir -p /etc/webmin/system-status
echo history >> /etc/webmin/system-status/.gitignore



mkdir -p /etc/webmin/system-status
echo history > /etc/webmin/system-status/.gitignore
echo info >> /etc/webmin/system-status/.gitignore

then run 

# etckeeper update-ignore -a

Be sure to change '>>' to '>' on the history line, or duplicates will be added to the file.



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Once again, great work mate! :) I have lodged a bug on the issue tracker.

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