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Hi guys,

Trying to launch an instance using Turnkey hub, I've signed upto the Pay per use plan and activated it on Amazon. But soon as I press Launch I receive the following message. I've left it a week and tried every way possible to get it to work and it still doesn't work. I'm trying to launch a lamp stack, Ireland server, Medium M3. If not I'll just launch it manually on the ec2.


Your Amazon EC2 account is not enabled for TurnKey Linux deployment. 




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And your issue is that there is an Authentication issue with your AWS account (about an hour ago and about 4 times back on the 21st). Usually that is caused by putting the Amazon API key in wrong; perhaps missed a character or including a preceding null character if you copy/pasted or got a character wrong if you typed it in.

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Thanks for your speedy response.

I have another server on AWS free tier using this same account, I have access to the server details under EC2 account on the turnkey hub website. I'm also using the s3 backup feature. So I assumed the access keys was working fine. But I've deleted it anyway and created a new access key. Tried to launch an instance, still no luck.




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FWIW it has logged another authentication error. I'm not sure what is going on. Have you checked that you definitely have a valid credit card? That has available funds (or hasn't reached it's limit, etc)?

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I just noticed that you have tagged your OP with "is not enabled for linux deployment". It just made me rethink things little... Can you please go to your DevPay account (you'll need to log in with your AWS credentials) and check that you have "Servers" enabled. It should be a separate 'app' to "TurnKey Backup and Migration". Also it's probably worthy of note that you can run one micro server without needing to sign up to 'Servers'.

My suspicion is that there will be a link there that you will need to click on to complete enabling the 'Servers' feature.

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Hi Jeremy,

I had that suspicion, so I checked that before. See below.

Amazon has been taking money out of my bank account for a while now for TKLBAM, so that works.

I want a medium server, as I'm upgrading from micro. It's too slow for my needs.



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In your Hub EC2 Account page does it say 'Pay-per-use' next to plan? See the screentshot.

PS Thanks for your patience...

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Thanks Jeremy, 

Yes it does, I'm stumped.

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I'll shoot Alon (the Hub 'Daddy') an email and hopefully he is available to have a look.
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Sorry for the late response.

This is actually a bug in the Hub UI (or devpay plan depending on how you look at it). The Hub shouldn't display the new instance sizes (such as m3.medium) for pay-per-use server deployment, as the pay-per-use plan on devpay has not been updated to support them.

We'll look into fixing that, but in the meantime I'd recommend selecting a different instance size (eg. c1.medium) for pay-per-use deployment.

Alternatively, the EBS-backed plans work a little differently to the S3-backed pay-per-use plan, so all the instance sizes available are supported. Additionally, for new deployments I'd recommend using EBS-backed servers as they support more features, such as start/stop, snapshots, reserved instances, etc.

Sorry about all this, I know its not the response you were hoping for.

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Ahh right. I've been charged $4.19 for something I haven't used, do you know if you can reinstate a refund?


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Apply for a refund through Amazon and TurnKey will approve it. Perhaps email me (jeremy at straight away when you've done that so I can make sure that happens as quick as possible.

AFAIK the process to launch an Amazon refund is to open a case with their support system:

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Also EC2 pricing is showing Medium.M3 - $0.077 per Hour.

Whereas your website is showing Medium.M3 - $0.124/hour. That's double the price? Which rate will I be charged?




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Unfortunately AWS don't provide a nice instance pricing API and the instance size prices need to be scraped from the website. Although it is done by a program, it is not a perfect process (i.e. the web page gets changed sometimes too - hence why a pricing API would be awesome!). Because of this we don't allow it to run automatically (cause it might get it wrong) and considering AWS tend to drop prices, not raise them we figure it's better to be to be out of date (and over quoting) than some potentially crazy unknown outcome...

So to clarify; for a 'Medium instance' (m1.medium) you will be charged AWS quoted instance pricing (i.e. what AWS quote on their "Previous generation" pricing page). Obviously on the Pay-per-use plan you will also be charged an additional 10% TurnKey premium and there may be additional AWS charges (e.g. related to traffic, etc). I hope that makes sense.

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Thanks Jeremy!!

I had already checked out the other thread regarding this issue, and wouldnt be a pain if my issue wasn't slightly different.

The problem lies in the fact that tkhub offers the Medium.M3 server instance with the same spec including a 4gb ssd.. which is the same on AWS.

I also checked, there is no previous generation of the M3 that I can find. It appears to have been upgraded from the M1 (no ssd) to the M3 (ssd).

So the only feasible conclusion is that there must of only been a price drop for this instance. From $0.124 to $0.077 P/h 

So AWS should only charge me $0.077 p/h... surely?



Instance Upgrade:

M1 to M3 

M3 instances provide better, more consistent performance than M1 instances for most use-cases. M3 instances also offer SSD-backed instance storage that delivers higher I/O performance. M3 instances are also less expensive than M1 instances. Due to these reasons, we recommend M3 for applications that require general purpose instances with a balance of compute, memory, and network resources.

M1   M3
No SSD Storage Yes
No Latest Intel Xeon Processor Yes
Good I/O Performance Better
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Since I wrote in that other thread, Alon has updated the Hub so the new sizes now show (before they didn't). So currently only the "Previous Generation" instances are supported in the Pay-per-use (PPU) plan (even though they show up as options). As Alon said, it is a bug that the Hub offers you the new instance sizes, because currently they aren't actually available via the PPU plan. So the m3.medium instance size is not available unless you upgrade to Bronze (or higher). The only medium instance sizes that will currently work on PPU are m1.medium and/or c1.medium. And you will be charged at the rate Amazon quote for them on the "Previous Generation" Instance pricing page.

Either you intend to upgrade your plan (to Bronze or higher) and use an m3.medium or perhaps you missed the fact that there is actually a separate pricing table for the old instances on that page. I.e. the previous gen servers are totally different and have no real correlation with the new instances - their features and pricing are completely separate. I assume that you are getting the $0.077/hr number from the m3.medium pricing on the AWS main pricing page? So to reiterate, that applies, but only to the m3.medium (which you'll need the Bronze plan or higher for).

So assuming that you stick with PPU plan and are launching servers in 'US West (Northern California)' then m1.medium is $0.097/hr and c1.medium is $0.148/hr (m1 has more RAM, less CPU; c1 has more CPU, less RAM).

So like Alon said; if you want to launch an m3.medium now and not wait until he fixes the PPU plan (so it works as it should) then you will need to cancel the PPU plan and enable the Bronze plan. Actually, assuming that you intend to have this server running all the time, then that's what I would suggest.

Whilst on face value you pay TurnKey an extra $10/mth (Bronze = $20/mth; PPU = $10/mth+10%), if you factor in the 10% on $0.097/hr then Bronze is only ~$3/mth more (Bronze = $20/mth; PPU = ~$17.98/mth [$10/mth+(10%x$0.097x24x30)]). If you then also factor in the AWS savings (the m3.medium is $0.02/hr cheaper) then you are in front ($3.02 extra for Bronze plan is more than offset by the m3.medium cost being ~$14.40 less per month! - $0.02x24x30).

If you are sure that you will want this server for a whole year then you can save even more by purchasing a reserved instance (but you need to upgrade to Bronze for that). You could save as much as 31% on AWS charges depending on how you pay for it (all or part up front). Just keep in mind that reserved instances are not refundable (from AWS) or transferable so understand that a reserved instance only applies to that instance size in that region - you can't change it!

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