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I've been using TKL for a year or so now, and really love it.  I've been using it for a side business I have.

I have an instance that is 95% configured the way I want that can be used in my "real" job.  I'm running a Mac with VMWare Fusion, so I downloaded a TKL appliance (LAMP) and restored my 95%-of-the-way-there backup to it on my local machine.  I've gone in and made the edits/changes I needed to on it, and on the first of the year will be activating a new TKLBAM account for my "real" job.  

I'll need to move this local virtual machine to the new account, so am I safe in assuming the following method will work?

To remove the existing association to my personal account:

rm -rf /var/lib/tklbam

To associate it with the key to the new account:


Then run a backup to the new account:


And finally, launch a new instance on the new account using the backup

It seems too simple... am I missing something?

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My experience is that that should work as you intend. Obviously if there is any personal data within the server itself (beyond the Hub API key) that will remain, but I assume that you probably already get that...

Let us know how it all goes! :)

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I worked nearly flawlessly!  Only ran into one issue, and that was fairly simple to solve once I knew what the root cause was - the intial backup kept dying and giving me a Killed message.  Once I bumped the RAM from 256MB to a larger number (I have 16GB so I did 4GB) it backed up and worked as intended.


When restoring I restored to an m3.large instance and it kept giving me a 20GB file system instead of 32GB, so I manually launched a new server with the desired drive space and then restored to that.

I'm really pleased with how smoothly this migration went.  Now that it's running on TKL and AWS, I've managed to cut my monthly costs in half!   I wish good karma to everyone involved with Turnkey Linux and a blessed new year!


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Stories with happy endings are always welcome! :) Hope it all continues to go smoothly!

PS I hope you don't mind Bill but I just lightly edited your OP to make the commands stand out a little more. I think your post will be very useful to others! :)

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I don't mind at all, glad to be of assistance.


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