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If I was to destroy an instance, do the backups stay available?

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Whilst the backups and servers have relevance to one another; they are not directly dependant on one another. You could destroy the instance and the backups will remain. Conversely you could destroy the backups and the instance would remain.

The way that backups are not directly tied to an individual instance ,makes it easy to migrate data between platforms. E.g. you could install and configure TurnKey on a bare metal server, then migrate it (via TKLBAM) to a VM on your laptop, then to a Hub server (and then back again if you wanted...)!

Some TKL users that do IT contracting have used TKLBAM to configure a TurnKey server how they want it, then transfer it to a client's server...

FWIW the M in TKLBAM stands for migration! TurnKey Linux Backup And Migration. :)

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