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This is a little convoluted but let me tell you what is going on.  (DO NOT FOLLOW LINKS IN THIS TEXT)

1. Fired up bugzilla AMI instance

2. Initial setup

3. Changed urlbase and sslbase to point to the public name assigned to the instance. (along with other setup) and set the redirect to SSL on connect.

So far so good.  Then I did something a bit wrong, and I could fix that - it's what came after that.

4. I assigned a new ElasticIP address to it.

Then when I connected, it correctly redirected to the wrong (old) name.

5.  ssh'd back in, edited the params file to point to the proper elastic ip names and ...

Now it gets weird.

Direct connection to https://elastic_ip_name:443 - Success

BUT if I go to http://elastic_ip_name:80 I get a security warning that it's not secure (understandable) - and it shows the right server name).  After selecting "Advanced" and "Proceed..." I end up at a login page with the url indicating that it would redirect to the https://elastic_ip_name

As I was writing up this report it stopped happening.  That's a bit scary - ok, a lot scary.

Anyone ever seen this before?


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And no I haven't ever heard of that happening before... TBH I have no idea how it could even do that (without some intervention).

Personally I'd be inclined to start again from scratch... But that's just me...

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I appreciate your input and willingness to help out. :)

I guess however unlikely a (really) slow DNS update may have caused it perhaps...!? It is certainly a mystery.

Anyway I'll leave it with you guys for now although if there's anything more that we can do (from the TurnKey end) then do what we can...

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Thanks for jumping in Andy.  Totally weird.  Just so no one gets any ideas, I wasn't blaming jut for hijacking or anything.  My assumption is that somewhere something was referring to them.

I haven't seen anything like that since and you can't fix what you're not seeing so... Fixed! (for now...)


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