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I downloaded the "TurnKey Revision Control version (13.0)" to have a git server. This image was created on Oct 28th 2013 and runs git version The most recent git version as of Feb 2015 is 2.3.0, so the TKL VM git version is a bit out of date now and I'd like to update it.

How do I update my git version to 2.3.0?
Will an "apt-get install git" command do an update?
Will a new TKL Revision Control VM come out with updated git and OS parts?

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The Debian (and a very common Linux) way is to favour stability at the expense of "latest and greatest". Security is covered by backporting security fixes to the 'frozen' version that is included... In TurnKey these security patches are auto installed.

On a Windows system users get used to having to constantly update software to avoid security issues. Usually new versions have new features (which are usually good) but also often have new bugs too and/or can conflict with other software. Often they will have newer dependencies as well so the operating system often gets bloated (and less secure with more attack vectors) with multiple versions of the same frameworks and libraries. But Debian (specifically; but often Linux in general) does things very differently. I must admit that when I first made the jump to Debian I missed the excitement of having new stuff to check out - but it was soon replaced with the joy of just being able to get my work done...

Whilst the down side with Debian is that sometimes the software is a little old; the upside is that it is rock solid stable and really low maintenance. It is a well thought out and executed system. Unless you have a really good reason why you need a newer version of git (e.g. some feature you really need that is only in newer versions) or you are just really bored and want to play with your system then I would leave it be...

Specific answers to your questions:

How do I update my git version to 2.3.0?
There are a number of different ways, none of them particularly easy and all of them will require that for ever after you will need to maintain it manually to keep it secure. That will most likely require you to upgrade to each new version as it is released (assuming that it contains security issues).

If you do have a good reason to upgrade git version and 1.9 is new enough then v1.9.1 is in backports. There are still downsides to that but it is probably your best/easiest option.

Will an "apt-get install git" command do an update?
Sort of... It will update to the latest version in the repos. However the latest version in the repos will only be an incremental update (the official version of the software will be the same). And as usually these updates are security related chances are that it is already installed.

Will a new TKL Revision Control VM come out with updated git and OS parts?
Yes. But the next TurnKey release will be 13.1 which will be a maintenance release. It will be the same base OS (Debian Wheezy) and will include the same version of git. It will have all the security updates preinstalled though so it won't have to download a ton of stuff on first boot (or the first night it's left running if you don't allow the firstboot scripts to install security updates).
Then sometime after the next stable version of Debian is released (which will be Jessie - still currently in testing) we will release v14.0 (based on Jessie). It will include newer versions of everything including git. Although possibly to your disappoint it will likely include git v2.1.4. Jessie is currently frozen pending release; meaning that it is in it's final testing stages and versions aren't allowed to be updated unless there are showstopper type bugs.

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