This is probably something really basic that I just can't seem to find... wish it was easier for me to find documentation on specific parts of TKLDev.

I'm trying to start a new project that requires software loaded from a nonstandard repository.  I added the repository to TKLDev, but when I make the project, it can't find the packages.  I looked at the repository update it runs, and it indeed is not loading the new repository.  I'm doing something very basic here.  I have TKL core and really haven't done anything yet other than modify plan/main.

I just can't seem to figure out where to add it.

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So you'll need a conf script to install the software (i.e. apt-get update && apt-get install -y <package>). You can't do it with the plan. Only software from the standard repos can be installed by a plan.

Whether you add the repo via overlay or script is up to you. If you look at the other appliance build code, you'll see that Alon and Liraz script the creation of the non-standard repos but I'm not sure on the rationale for doing it that way. Personally I think adding it to the overlay is neater... I guess it just comes down to personal preference...

In my two previous appliances, I used only software from the existing repos, or in one case something that had to be installed without apt. 

My prefererence is to add lists to /etc/apt/sources.list.d, so I will use the overlay as well. 
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Alon and Liraz also add a list file to /etc/apt/sources.list.d too. Just they script the creation of the file as part of the conf process rather than include a precreated file in the overlay.

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