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I am fishing around in AWS Console right now and it appears that anything I create in Turnkey Hub shows up in AWS.  It does seem, perhaps, that there are more variable possibilities in AWS (specifically instance size).  If I create an instance in AWS will it show up in Turnkey Hub (assuming the same account is used).

Also, the quoted costs seem lower (ie. .04 an hr vs .06) for a small install ... assuming I have a subscription does that change anything?

Thanks for your help!

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So if you launch from AWS console it won't show in Hub.

AFAIK server sizes should be the same for Bronze and higher; although perhaps not in Pay-per-use (IIRC some of the newer server sizes are only available EBS backed so aren't compatible with PPU). If you're on PPU and want me to double check that it would work with Bronze, let me know and I can make sure for you...

As for prices; you will pay the AWS quoted price (we have to manually update the Hub prices so they sometimes get pout of sync - although I thought Alon updated them recently...). Just be sure though that you are comparing apples to apples; the server size has a code and a size e.g. t2.medium is different to a m1.medium. Also different servers have different costs in different regions. The Hub defaults to your region whereas AWS doesn't always...

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