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Hi, I just installed smf on amazon aws.

I can't access the forum via http, only via https, I must use both.

The amazon security group are fine, they permit all tcp from my current ip.

I see from webmin that apache is listening on port 80, and there's a virtual server configured for smf.

Plus I tried to telnet the machine on port 80 and the connection opens

Can you help me?


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crazy, it was amazon firewall, it must inspect the application layer because I had to specify explicitly the http protocol as permitted, while before I had 0-65535 tcp ports.

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The AWS firewall should be auto-configured correctly. Strange that your wasn't... Or did you alter the default (to 0-65535 tcp ports)?

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Yes I did alter it, I just opened all tcp from my then ip. Small lesson learnt.

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