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Dear forum,

After some search on the internet for an image with OpenVPN included i came up with Turnkey OpenVPN image which i could download here.

So i installed it on my OpenVZ VPS, but when i go to ssh root@domain i get the following message:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

So i tried to read some documents about it, but it looks like it is made specially for Amazon cloud services.

Is this true? Can i not use it for my own VPS server?

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All TurnKey appliances can be run in a multitude of places... And the OpenVPN appliance is one that makes particular sense to be run locally (or on AWS - depending on your usage scenario).

First thing first you will need to log in via your OVZ host machine (vzctl enter) as all headless TurnKey appliances are fenced for security until the firstboot/init scripts (where unique keys are generated and admin passwords are set. Have you done that yet?

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