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I'm having trouble with  network in a lxc container.   I tried to follow  to set things up.

 After the initial setup the etherpad was connected to the internet - I was able to connect and create a pad.   which was done using:

lxc-create -n pad -t turnkey -- etherpad -i /root/inithooks.conf -l natbr0 -x


 After restarting the lxc host,  I'm not able to reliably get the network working in the lxc .

For instance the host command results in:


host pad
Host pad not found: 5(REFUSED)


Could someone send suggestions for how to get network to work reliably with lxc?    Docs / links that would be good to read..

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OK I think I've found out what might be causing the isue - that wheezy lxc is old. that per reading thelxc-user  mail list.  Just using backports installs / udates a lot of debs.

So I may wait until jessie is out before trying again.  

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Also sorry for slow response. FWIW I wouldn't have been any help to you anyway... I know nothing about LXC. Ideally I prob need to make some time to have a play with it!

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