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I created a lamp stack, and attached an EBS Volume to it. I cannot figure out how to connect to this with file zilla to upload any files.


Please can someone help me. I've been at it for a while.


Also the lamp stack shows as "Installing security updates..." for 17 hours so far

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It shouldn't take 17 hours for security updates to install. More like a few minutes...

Personally I'd probably kill that server and try again with a fresh one. If it hasn't finished booting within 10-15 minutes, please email me (jeremy AT preferably from the email account that is associated with you Hub account (or at least telling me the email associated with you Hub account). If you do that then please provide as much extra info as possible and we'll see what we can do. Please note though that it's Friday night here now...

As for connecting via Filezilla, you need to make sure that you use SFTP (not plain FTP or FTPS - they're different). Also you need to use the public IP of your server (not the private one). Or you can use the domain name if you've given it one.

The easiest way to make sure that you are using SFTP in Filezilla is to add 22 as the port. Filezilla should auto default to SFTP then (as 22 is the default port for SFTP).

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