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I have run the owncloud appliance for some time and never realized that the appliance partitioned for est 18GB. I have 100GB Vdisk it is installed on and need to increase the storage for files, etc. How can tis be done without losing data? It is so ful that i cannot even upgrade the owncloud software... Thank you!

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Increasing your disk space is a multistep process that depends on the system providing the Vdisk.  

  1. Increase the size of the virtual disk where the appliance is installed.  It sounds like you may have already done this if you have 100GB available.
  2. Increase the partition size to include the additional space.  I usually boot the appliance from a live-cd, SystemRescueCd, and use Gparted to resize & move partitions.
  3. If the appliance was installed with LVM, you will need to extend the logical volume using lvextend.
  4. Increase the size of the file system to make the additional space available.  See

The MicroHowTo website has several tutorials that may be helpful.  You'll have to Google for specific instructions for your particular setup.


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If using AWS, you can increase the space in this way:

1. Snapshot volume
2. Make volume from snapshot with desired size
3. Detach original volume
4. Attach new volume

Of course there are some intermediate steps, and some gotchas in there, but that is the basic principle.

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