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I received email from the Hub on April 30th telling me what my charges for the month were. Not much money, but I don't think I have any TKLBAM jobs that are running these days. No worries, I'll log on to the Hub and see what it thinks is happening. Using my OpenID that KeePass tells me is to be used for the Hub, an error is shown


An error occured with your OpenID. Please try Login or Sign up again.

OpenID discovery error: Error fetching XRDS document: (6, "Couldn't resolve host ''")


I can't log on to the Hub, it seems.

Seems like OpenID may have changed and I missed changing with it? How can I now log on to the hub to manage my account?



Figured I'd try to log on using my email address and use the "Forgot password" link. It tells me 

  • The user account associated with this e-mail address cannot reset the password.

Something is seriously wrong.


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According to this MyOpenID was retired well over a year ago. So that explains the error message...

And accounts that have been setup with OpenID cannot set passwords. It's a known issue...

So to workaround this could you please email me (support AT from the email address that is linked to the Hub (I would assume it's the same one that the account was sent to).

FWIW there have been a number of past and present Hub users that have received incorrect Hub account notices. Perhaps you are another of those?

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