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Hi there,

I have been wiating 14 hrs to bring this server up on AWS - the message is that it is installing security.  I have created the poicies and the role and input as per your instructions but maybe I missed something - surey it doesn't tak ethis long?



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It shouldn't take anymore than ~5mins

Have you tried connecting to the server? The server should update the Hub when it has finished booting. Sometimes though something goes wrong and the Hub doesn't get the message. In those cases the server is actually running just the Hub doesn't realise. Often just logging into the server and rebooting it will make the Hub refresh (there is a command that you can run but I don't recall OTTOMH). FWIW the 'reboot' command works well! :)

If that's not it, then I'd just destroy it and start again. As I say ~5 mins should be enough (if you want to be totally sure you could give it ~10mins...).

FWIW the images are being refreshed (to ones with the current updates pre-installed) so they should boot quicker...

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