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TKL LAMP - I broke my phpMyAdmin connection

Hi all,

I think I messed up. I am running LAMP and SPToolkit on an HP Prolient DL380 G5 and everything was working fine until I upgraded Debian from Wheezy to Jessie. In hindsight, this may not have been a good idea. After upgrading, I could no longer get to phpMyAdmin through port 12322. I can get to the Webmin console, SPT, and I can SSH and SFTP successfuly. The only thing that no longer works is phpMyAdmin. I tried updating php through ssh, but it was already up-to-date. I am using a static IP address, if that matters. I am also behind a firewall. No changes were made to the firewall.

This is my first time working with Debian. I have messed around with Ubuntu and Gnome over the last few years, but I am just still a novice. I tried a few things last week and was not successful. Sorry, I can't remember the details. I'm not exactly sure what other info to provide. Let me know what you need and I will get it.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice!



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It's a Jessie thing...

phpMyAdmin doesn't seem to like sticking to the port you assign it anymore... For the v14.0 (Jessie) release I could log in and make it work but not properly (unless you host it on a directory rather than a port)...

That is part of the reason why we chose to replace it with Adminer...

I'll give Adminer a try

Thanks for the quick reply Jeremy. I'll try Adminer and see if I can make that work. If not, I'll reinstall LAMP

Found a solution

Hi Jeremy,

I just wanted to let you know that I found a solution to my problem, in case someone else asks. All you have to do is remove the port number and replace it with /phpmyadmin. So, either ip.add.re.ss/phpmyadmin instead of ip.add.re.ss:12322 or domain.xxx/phpmyadmin instead of domain.xxx:12322. Found this here: http://sourceforge.net/p/phpmyadmin/bugs/4565/. I did this and it worked instantly.


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Good work...

Glad you worked it out.

FWIW that's what I meant by:

... could log in and make it work but not properly (unless you host it on a directory rather than a port)...

Sorry I wasn't clearer

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This worked for me thank you.

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