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I am completely new to TKL, and still not fully conversant with Linux, in general.

I created a LiveUSB for TKL and booted my desktop. Then through a laptop, I connected to the desktop, and configured it using Webmin.

I mounted my local SATA NTFS drives in Webmin. However, when I try to write to any of the drives, while sitting at the TKL console, it gives permission denied. When I run the mount command, it shows that the partition is read-write (rw), so where is the catch?


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I know that generally by default Linux mounts NTFS as read only; this is especially the case if the partition has been flagged as 'dirty' (i.e. needs a checkdisk).

Personally I would try doing it from the commandline (the whole process). At least then you should (hopefully) get some sort of meaningful error message which should give you a clue what is going on.

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