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I've upgraded our Etherpad, TurnKey Linux 13.0  to Jessie.  That works fine using normal apt changes.

Then tried to upgrade etherpad by:

cd /opt/etherpad-lite

git pull



When I tried to access a pad got this error in browser:

502 Bad Gateway



 I searched for a solution But could not get it to work.

For apache2 I know there were many changes from wheezy to jessie. And have been able to fix some of those in other systems.  Maybe nginx had similiar changes?

However I'm unfamiliar with nginx . 

Does anyone have some clues on how to fix the 502 error?


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So I'm not much help sorry...

I can tell you all about the Apache changes and I can also tell you that the changes to LigHTTPd are minimal... But none of that is much help to you...

FWIW the new (v14.0rc1) appliance should build ok bu8t that will only be of value if you want to run it locally...

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