would you please help to understand how permissions between windows and samba works? i have a windows file server where i share some folder and i put permissions using sharing tab and the permissions tab but when i mount the shared folder on redhat using

mount.cifs command the permissions of the shared files are totally different. it seems that when i access the shared folder through samba client the permissions are defined by umask and has nothing to do with the permissions i set on my file server. so how can i make smbclient on linux receive the permissions i have set on windows file system. because the way it is working is useless as whatever i set permissions on the server the client will have the access determined by umask to these files

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This is the forums for TurnKey Linux. It is a Debian based distro so while some stuff is similar to RedHat (it is Linux); but other things are quite different.

So I suggest that you post on a RedHat/Fedora/CentOS forum where people will be able to help you out more. (FWIW RedHat/Fedora/CentOS are all very similar OSes; just like Ubuntu, Mint and Debian are very similar).

When you do so; I also suggest that you let them know what version fo RedHat you are using and what version of Samba.

Good luck with it all...

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