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Trying to get something in via TKLDEV I can do running solo. 

How to install  via TKLDEV either when the Package is not found when loaded in 

/plan/main  ?

pip install magento

$ easy_install magento


I thought Perhaps Python-Magetnto was the same but seems to not be.

I did add


to main successfully

How to use it in TKLDEV



FOOTNOTE that is not clearly leading anywhere.


I tried to add to MAIN for a test



and see if it builds

NOPE..  I guess I need to do a PIP Call to magento 


or figure out how to call

closes with:


python-magento is on PyPi:
  • pip install python-magento
  • easy_install python-magento
... or grab this code and run setup.py install

I wouild prefer the Pip or Easy_install

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I found that I need to Install New ISO

and MUST

Run all the Security Updates


apt-get install python-pip


pip install magento


cd /opt/openerp

bin/bash openerp.init stop

bin/bash openerp.init start

OCA Odoo - Magento Connector is then available for Module installation (essentially it is installed)

But I would like this to go into TKLDEV still.

At least we got a build from a build with all the additional GITS installing.

Passwords are a little wrangle still, but defaults are easy to change it seems.


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apt-get install python-pip

does not install until after ISO is installed and Security Updates downloaded and installed.   I tried it in TKLDEV and directly after ISO install and it failed.  After updates, it installs manually.

Looking generally for an alternative to PIP.  Perhaps a WGET with a Pip usable Dpkg command to put into TKLDEV.

Need to research dependencies.  Basically TKLDEV needs all dependencies cleared before successful installs work (at least for me).  (OK, I see it requires SUDS)  (I see python-suds) exists.


Pulls a PIP packag ena then runs the setup.py script.  Root URL for it in GIT is:  https://github.com/openlabs/magento

Can I run a Git Clone then run that Script?  Script seems to throw things around a bit in the setup but ends up next to some of the other Python Packages.


So,  I added back in to my main (will probably crash)



Then added into my Overlay (last file) this code trying to bypass PIP.  I suppose I don't need "python-pip" in this scenario.  We will see if it works.  Perhaps I should be in Root.  just added the CD part

echo " Install Magento API"
git clone https://github.com/openlabs/magento --depth=1 $MAGENTO_API_DIR 
chown -R openerp:openerp $MAGENTO_API_DIR
python setup.py install
CD /
echo " Finished Install Magento API"
echo " "


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I just ran a few commands in system where I hav manually completed the install.  This is what I am seeing.  Does it matter where I drop the Git for Magento in the situation above?  Will Python-Suds even install?  For some reason it seems "python-magento" is different than the "magento" package for python so lets avoid that subject for now.  

root@nomadic-odoo /opt/openerp# pip show magento
Name: magento
Version: 1.0
Location: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages
Reguires: suds
root@nomadic-odoo /opt/openerp# pip show pip
Name: pip
Version: 1.5.6
Location: /usr/Lib/python2.7/dist-packages
root@nomadic-odoo /opt/openerp# pip show suds
Name: suds
Version: 0.4
Location: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages
root@nomadic-odoo /opt/openerp# |


Some progress...  lets see if it makes.  

point 0 Can't do a mkdir more than one folder away from a known folder.   (now oca/openlabs-magento or so)

Making again.  Clones take forever.


Wahoo, got a Build.  Testing next!

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LESSON:  Don't copy a auto crypted version of SSL to a Site Config you want to move with TKLDEV.  Got it fixed but


Sorry about my questions about PIP and TKLDEV in various forums.  Above is a good template it seems now (assuming there is a GIT behind the PIP).

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But it sounds like you got it all sorted out yourself anyway! :)

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