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Been awhile since I have posted here, I have been spending my time over at GitHub working on the code
to help get TKL v14 ready! 

Thought it would be good idea to post here so that my awnswer could help others who have the same question. 

I have one TKLDev virtual PC. I know is possable, but is it advised to do more than one build (make) at a time 
from multiple ssh sessions?  

Would allow me to build more than one thing at a time. I know you don't want to do a CHROOT Only sandbox more than once since apps might fight over ports and such, the reason why some services are disabled on the TKLDev tool box

Just thought I would ask to get the "official answer" Regardless the answer, I would like to know what the core devs and others do to multitask.

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Whilst you actually can build multiple appliances at the same time it is not advisable currently. Because the build happens inside a chroot, services can potentially interfere with one another.

So in effect if you are building a server which uses Lighty as the webserver and a PostrgreSQL DB backend along with a LAMP based appliance you should be fine. On the other hand, building 2 LAMP based appliances will most likely end in at least one failing (or possibly both). It depends on the timing, whichever gets in first will successfully start the service (Apache or MySQL) and the other will fail (while the service is running in the other).

The devs work around that by leveraging multiple TKLDevs via cloudtask; but it's not really suited for dev work (only for mass building).

Personally I work around it by having 2 TKLDev servers. In the future we hope to separate the build processes more so building multiple appliances would work. We have talked about it vaguely but not in detail yet... Perhaps it might be somethign to investigate further after the release of v14.0...?!

Speaking of v14.0 - nice work on your contributions! :) Awesome work! :)

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Thanks for the info... Thats what I thought. I guess I could beef up my VM and put it on untra fast SSD drives :-) for faster build times :-)



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