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While I am able to read and write to my repository using this URI syntax...

git clone username@host:/srv/repos/git/reponame.git does neither work with a syntax not containing the server's local directory hierarchy internals (/srv/repos/git), nor does work any other way like HTTP / HTTPS. It looks as if the appliance does not support that, at least I did not find support for "Smart HTTPS" in Apache's http.d/git file. 

The reason is that I do not want our programmers to know the local directory hierarchy internals.

What do I have to do to make it work? How can I enable HTTP?

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It seems that you are right and this functionality is not set up by default. It would certainly be a nice addition!

Personally I am unfamiliar with setting this up but a quick google for "apache serve git repo smart https" turned up plenty of results that look really promising. I haven't looked deeply but the git docs look like a good place to start and this StackOverflow post looks useful too. Also keep in mind that TurnKey is Debian under the hood (v13.0 = Wheezy; v14.0 = Jessie).

I think that this would be a great feature in the revision control appliance. Unfortunately I am flat out working on the v14.0 release ATM and don't have the time to assist further with this.

If you work this out please post back with your experience. Better still the Revision Control appliance build code has already been updated for v14.0 so should build successfully if you'd like to test that and add the functionality there!? Or at least document it so someone else can add it. If you are interested in going that path then please check out the blog post I did on how to build ISOs.

Regardless, if you'd like to post this request on the tracker that'd be great! :)

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thank you so much for your kind help!

So now that you confirmed that Smart HTTP is definitively not supported by Revision Control Appliance currently, I filed a request for this in the tracker and hope that some administrator finds out how to change the appliance according to the manual in (I'll try, bit I am unexperienced with Linux administration -- that's why I use Turnkey Appliances).


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I saw your issue. Thanks for that. If you have any luck working it out please feel free to give additional guidance and/or links, etc...
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This issue has obviously been resolved last year. However I do not succeed
in using smart http yet unfortunately:

I created a new user via webmin 'gituser'.
Cloning the 'helloworld' repository from the RCS appliance via https works.

But pushing changes back to the repository lead to an error: 403

Does anyone have an idea what am I doing wrong?


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I've reopened the issue on the tracker and we'll get Anton to have a look when he has a chance.

Thanks very much for posting.

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