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I have a tklbam backup on TKL hub of a customer VM, lets call it 'bobproduction'. I want to make a complete copy of bobproduction onto a different Proxmox host from the original using tklbam, lets call the second VM 'bobdev'. I'm going to use bobdev as a development VM and add some testing software to it and generally hack at it a bit. I am concerned that I make sure to completely disassociate bobdev's tklhub backup from bobproduction's tklhub backup. Then I can back them both up with tklbam and keep them totally separate. I have to be sure before I do this that it won't interfere with the customer machine so I've asked before I've tried it. Hopefully there's a simple way.

Should I use the same hostname or a new one for bobdev? Should I set the root and mysqlroot passwords the same on the new empty Proxmox container before I run tklbam to migrate the backup? Anything else I should do?



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By default TKLBAM sees a new server as a new server, regardless of whether or not it has been restored from a different server. Let's do a hypothetical:

You are currently backing up bobproduction (a customised TurnKey LAMP server) and it is the only server you are currently backing up in your Hub account. It has a TKLBAM Backup ID of 10 (you had 9 other previous backups but you deleted them). To make it easier you have changed the backup label (within the Hub) to match the servername. So this is the output of 'tklbam list':

# ID  SKPP  Created     Updated     Size (MB)  Label
  10  No    2013-02-05  2015-07-08  142.82     bobproduction

You then launch a new TKL LAMP server and attach it to your Hub account. You restore your 'bobproduction' backup to this new LAMP server ('bobdev'). You then run a backup of the new server. This is what 'tklbam list' looks like:

# ID  SKPP  Created     Updated     Size (MB)  Label
  10  No    2013-02-05  2015-07-08  142.82     bobproduction
  11  No    2015-07-09  2015-07-09  143.11     TurnKey LAMP

All you need to do is log into the Hub and change the backup label from the default ('TurnKey LAMP') to something a little more meaningful...

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