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After changing my hostname from wordpress to example, I cannot access the site i build.
I changed the hostname in the webmin panel.   Networking> Network Connections > Hostname and DNS Client

I can access webmin and ssh console just fine, But when it comes to accessing zurmo crm platform. 
Now i cannot connect to web page. 

It says, 
Error loading page, 
Connection refused.

Any help on how i can fix this?  Or is there a fix to it?
No i did not do a backup, because i didnt think it would be this big of an issue. 

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Any Help Please?

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Probably best to just have one thread per issue... It get's a bit confusing otherwise...

Anyway as I said on your other thread, assuming you have a backup you could just restore. Otherwise perhaps just try undoing what you did (manually take it back to what it was)?

When you say "t says, Error loading page, Connection refused." I'm assuming that that is in your web browser.

TBH without much more info about your setup, how the machine is running where from and how you are trying to connect, etc I'm only guessing...

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