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Yesterday I posted a problem with AWS when trying to use a Turnkey Linux Server


Trying to get my project done with Joomla as an alternative I am getting just after the server boots and applies automatically the security updates the following error

Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.

I hava several servers in my account running wihtout issues for years, ¿is anyone experiencing anything similar with MySQL?

Thanks in advance

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I'll test in my account and see what I find... Testing Moodle now...
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I had issues too which isn't great (although mine were different). So I deferred until today...

As it turns out I reproduced your Moodle issues exactly. I also tested Joomla and same thing... :(

FWIW the Joomla appliance could be easily fixed by logging in via SSH and re-running the inithooks. That didn't fix the Moodle appliance though...

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Hi Jeremy,

No apology needed, I am very thankful for your feedback.

As you can see in the initial thread (the moodle one) it worked nicely on Moodle (I posted back to you on the original thread), I have am already working on my server the details are

Virginia (East USA). EC2 instance. (T1.micro EBS-backed - 0.615 GB RAM, Variable ECU, 10G rootfs). moodle-13.0-wheezy-i386

This is the server I am going to keep for my project, you are welcome if you need more details

Back to the Joomla I have tested it launching a new server and the turnkey-init command allowed me to start it, it is up and running at (I will destroy this one shortly)

Also I would like to report you that on Monday I tried as a third alternative a Drupal server with the same problem, I am not going to test that one but I just wanted you to know.

If you need any further feedback or testing I would be obliged to help.


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Like I just said on your other thread, we are looking into this further but great to hear that it's all working for you! :)

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