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is it possible to simple upgrade from turnkey-redmine-12.1  to 13.0?  :-)

Or is it better to deploy a new appliance and restore the data?




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And TKLBAM is the recommended way to do that.

Having said that, you theoretically should be able to upgrade just like you would any Debian Server (Squeeze to Wheezy). Note though that some of the software is not installed using package management so you'll still need to upgrade that manually...

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You could give it a go and see what happens.

Make sure that destroying your current server is the very last step you take after everything else! Do your initial restore and testing in a separate (disposable server e.g. a VM) you've got nothing to loose (except for the time of course). Personally my process would probably look something like this:

  • Launch new VM and restore current backup.
  • Play until it works (if need be), documenting as much as possible as I go.
  • Destroy test VM
  • Take a fresh backup and restore it to a fresh VM
  • Apply any tweaks as per docs created earlier
  • Take a fresh full backup of the updated server
  • Change whatever network settings are required
  • Stop the current server in favour of the new VM
  • Post docs on the TurnKey forums! :)
  • Finally (once you're happy that everything is good) destroy your old server.
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