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I currently am paying for the $20 TKL pricing level (and have been for a few years now)... But I just discovered that it looks like unlimited T1 instances are available for the free plan now. If we could get by on just T1's until business picks up, can I downgrade to the FREE plan without any of my T1 servers dying on me? And then upgrade to the $20 plan when we need the Small and Medium servers again? I just don't know enough about the ramifications on my servers when I hit that 'downgrade' button. Does amazon simply terminate all instances that aren't covered by the plan any more? 

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Currently the new plans only work with new accounts. But we can migrate you.

How about you shoot me an email (jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org) or send feedback from the Hub (when you're logged in) with a quick note and we'll sort it out.

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Excellent! Will do!

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