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My browser (Chrome, Firefox and the New MS Edge) show a secutirty error, displaying a RED lock icon with an X on the center of the image, and turns the page red within any of these browsers, the https: address appears with a red slash crossing it on the address bar, eventhough I set up my EC2 instance with the FREE http provided by Turnkey.   QUESTION: How do I set up a SSL certificate on this thing? Is there a FREE option or SSL generator? I read something about using Route 53 on Amazon. Can somebody guide me along the way. Thanks so much.


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That is because by default TurnKey use self signed certificates and as anyone can create their own self signed certificates they are untrusted by default As they should be!). If you only intend to use this yourself you can safely ignore the warning. If you want to use it in a corporate and/or intranet then you can force your self signed certs to be trusted.

If you want to avoid this limitation for all users of your site then you will need to purchase a certificate from a trusted third party CA. Depedning on the level of trust required (the sensitivity of your data; the number of hoops you are willing to jump through; etc) depends how much it will cost you...

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