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OK having gotten my server running, I would like to migrate store content from another (non-Turnkey) server.  The only problem is, that server won't run Magento due to messed up permissions.  I'm trying to sort that out, but it's a slow process.

I was wondering whether there might be a quicker way.  Perhaps if I just dump the Magento DB using the shell and import it to the Turnkey server, would that do the trick?

Thanks in anticipation for all and any assistance.



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But I can't be certain. It will depend on how close the db layout is. If they are the same version of Magento or at least close it should work...

Only one way to find out!

So long as you document everything you do you (and don't destroy your old server until you have everything off it) then worst case you can trash your new server and start again...

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For future reference for people...

You can dump a Magento DB from another server using mysqldump, transfer it to your new server, install Magento, tell it to use the imported DB as part of the installation script, and hey presto, all your old products are present.  If anyone needs more detail, would be happy to help.

Now to transfer them all to TomatoCart...

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