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Hi all,


I'm new to Turnkey and I am looking to create a simple test website on a specific port, Port 81 for this test.  I have created a new Virtual Server under Apache and I have opened the Firewall port for Port 81.

I have also uploaded a simple test index.html file to the document root folder.

When I visit the page via http://<ip address>:81/

all I get is a page cannot be displayed error.

Any suggestions as to where I am going wrong?

Many thanks!


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I managed to fix this by adding a Listen 81 to the ports config file but now my test HTML page is displaying as Text rather than showing an HTML page, i.e. I see the HTML code rather than the page.

Any suggestions?



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TBH that's a little weird... Personally though I would start the test from a known good place. Assuming that you are using the TurnKey LAMP appliance; by default it will work OOTB if you drop an html (let's call it "test.html") file into /var/wwww. Then in your browser go to http://<appliance-ip>/test.html

If that also only displays text then I'd start studying your html file and see if perhaps there is something up with it...!?

If that works as expected then it must be something up with the environment that you set up. Double check your sites/vhost config for starters; perhaps copy from the known good working one (should be /etc/apache/sites-available/default or similar). Also .htaccess files will over-rule your hoists file so check for one of those in your vhost dir. Also make sure that the webserver has permissions to the directory where your file is...

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