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Hi, I would like to know if my phpmyadmin could be activated with grid edit, because I find it very usefull to edit just 1 field at a time,


Currently: The PHPMyAdmin uses Inline Edit, which I find quite annoying to be used to edit a big table with many fields,


Hope somebody could help me out? This might be a very general quesstion, but I could not find it in Google, My apologies for being newbie,




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But you can edit separately by clicking "edit" instead of "edit inline". Or you can edit multiple entries by selecting them on the left and clicking "edit" down the botom.
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Yes, I can do that, but most of the time, I just want to edit 1 field at a time, grid edit make me feel at home, if I click edit, it will be overkill because it will open the whole new page to edit all the field and quite troublesome if I only want to edit 1 field,

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Take a look at "Creative Vision", I can edit it on the fly

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I just had a quick google and didn't find anything. Like I said TBH I had never even heard of it... Sorry I can't help. Perhaps it's worth asking upstream (PHPMyAdmin devs)?
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I think Adminer's editor provides that feature. Nice installation instruction you can find at

I have used it once and I found it as a great alternative to phpMyAdmin. Plus it is lightweight, only one php file.


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FWIW we dropped PHPMyAdmin for Adminer for v14.0 anyway...

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