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I would like to spend some money on turnkeylinux. I have applied a payonner account 6 month ago because it's much easier for our country, but I dont like it personally because of Lot of charges. We all know that Paypal is charging with the five percen per transaction fee, while payoneer fee are much higher . I want to try payoneer .On the other hand, my friend has told me that payoneer is mostly used by companies to pay their employees and affiliates, so it's not really the same as Paypal is with personal. I want to try epay global payment since it is available free to the to customers----which means it's totally free for you to pay and get paid via ! Above all, no bank account required, no heavy bank fees or hassles while using epay.I think it's awesome to take it as a payment option!! However, the thing is, i don't know how to set my epay account to pay on turnkeylinux. I have a epay account but i havent find where to put any infos so i can make payments here. Anyone can give me some help?


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Go here to get started.

You need to set up an account and deal w/ Amazon.  Not a Turnkey interface as far as I can see.

Good luck.  I am sure you can pay somehow.  The Plans are worth signup.  Same with TKLBAM backup.

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